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Data Center Land for Sale

Opportunities in Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has emerged as the epicenter for data center developers and tech companies looking to expand their operations. As the listing broker for multiple parcels of premium industrial land, I am able to offer incredible locations with huge power capacity potential for data center construction and development.

Shovel-Ready Data Center Land with Impressive Power Capacity

Many of the opportunities have shovel-ready data center land for sale with an impressive existing power supply, with the potential to expand from 100 megawatts to 300 MW and up to many hundreds of megawatts upon approval from ERCOT and ONCOR. The listings presented have strategic locations and infrastructure that make them ideal choices for large-scale data center projects requiring substantial power capabilities.

Zoned Data Center Land with Fiber Connectivity

The sites are properly zoned data center land for sale with fiber connectivity, and the proper acreage is immediately available for development, with additional acreage often available for future expansion. Parcels can have zoning flexibility that supports a wide range of industrial applications, including data centers, manufacturing facilities, and logistics hubs. The land selected for data center construction also offers essential utilities, including water, sewer, and fiber connectivity options, ensuring uninterrupted and highly efficient operations.

Large Acreage for Data Center Development

Texas has unique parcels of land for data center development for sale, presenting a rare opportunity for developers to create comprehensive data center campuses or mixed-use developments. The sheer size of the properties and the cooperation of ERCOT and ONCOR allow for phased data center land development master plans, accommodating future growth and expansion.

Data Center Land with Power Substation Access

Finding data center land for sale with power substation access is not easy. Oftentimes, land is chosen in areas where plans are in place to phase out a nearby substation, with the possibility of constructing a new substation on-site to further enhance power provision. This access to robust power infrastructure is crucial for data center operations, providing the necessary redundancy and reliability.

Strategic Location Near Major Transportation Hubs

The data center land's strategic location offers unparalleled advantages for data center operations, including:

Data Center Land Development Opportunities

Our land offerings present various development opportunities, including:

Investment Opportunity and Future Growth

These land offerings are due to the data center rush and industrial growth in Texas. The foresight in planning for extensive power service expansion, coupled with strategic site selection, makes Texas data center land an unmatched investment opportunity for forward-thinking companies and investors aiming to be at the forefront of the digital age.

The industrial land for sale in Dallas, Texas, presents a unique opportunity for data center developers and tech companies. With its impressive power capacity, strategic location, and development-ready status, these properties are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of data center infrastructure in the region. As the demand for data centers continues to grow, driven by cloud computing, AI technologies, and enhanced global connectivity, these land offerings stand out as a prime investment opportunity in the heart of Texas' tech hub.

Discover the Perfect Location for Data Center Land Acquisition and Development

This strategically chosen site ensures optimal site selection for high-demand operations in cloud computing and AI infrastructure. The site has the capacity potential of hundreds of megawatts of power, fiber connectivity, access to power, cooling capabilities, risk mitigation, and security, among key requirements.

Massive Power Capacity & Redundancy for Ensured Reliability

Unstoppable Power: Your Strategic Advantage

The data center opportunities for sale offer the opportunity to dominate the industry with strategically positioned properties, ready to power your high-demand operations. Offering the rare capability to utilize immense megawatts of redundant non-stop power, these sites are chosen because they are engineered for those who can't afford to pause. Perfect for data centers and mining operations, where every second counts, ensure your venture thrives on uninterrupted performance. Invest in a location where power meets potential.

Current and Future Power Infrastructure

Strategically positioned for cloud computing land acquisition, the properties chosen offer the necessary infrastructure for developing future-ready AI platforms. Choosing the right land is crucial for building infrastructure that supports the ever-growing demands of AI and data-driven technologies.

Land Offering for High-Power Industrial and Technology Developments

The sites are suitable for energy-intensive industries, such as:

Latest Press Release:

Significant off-market parcels of data center land near Google's 4th Data Center Development, Featuring Extensive Infrastructure and High Power Capacity.

Billions in development dollars are flowing to Texas. Secure data center land now before developers shift focus from Virginia. Act quickly to capitalize on the opportunity in the data center market.”— Roxanne Marquis

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2024 / -- In the tech hub of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, significant parcels of data center land for sale have become available. Marketed by Roxanne Marquis of 8888CRE, these properties range from shovel-ready data center land for sale to ready for entitlement: they have extensive infrastructure including an existing power supply capable of expanding over hundreds of megawatts. The tracts are normally a large acreage for data center development for sale that is ideally positioned for major data center projects, underlining their readiness and strategic value. Roxanne Marquis, of 8888CRE, emphasizes, “With billions being poured into the region by major corporations, savvy investors and capital companies are quickly recognizing the immense potential of securing land now. The current market dynamics are such that owning the land itself offers significant speculative opportunities, potentially even more than immediate development. I urge interested parties to act swiftly to capitalize on these unfolding opportunities.”

The Rise of Dallas-Fort Worth as a Tech Hub

As Dallas-Fort Worth emerges as a central node for global technology and industrial growth, the availability of data center land for sale with power substation access and zoned data center land for sale with fiber connectivity enhances its attractiveness for significant technological investments. Roxanne Marquis emphasizes the strategic advantages of this land, including data center land for sale near major internet exchange, making it highly desirable for developers. She also points out, "Billions of develop $USD are heading to Texas which is creating an urgent need for land investors to secure data center land now. Many developers are still completing Northern Virginia data centers and haven't shifted focus to Texas yet. But the market has gotten saturated and they are being forced to Texas. Act quickly before the rush intensifies."

Data Center Land for Sale in Tax-Incentive Zone

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has been a proactive figure in promoting Texas as a fertile ground for foreign direct investments. His efforts to create tax-incentivized investment opportunities have attracted substantial foreign direct investment, positioning Texas as a pivotal location for industries crucial to data center operations, such as semiconductors and advanced manufacturing.

Governor Greg Abbott’s international business development missions to countries like Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan have culminated in substantial economic agreements aimed at fostering trade and innovation. In 2022, Taiwan led all nations with over $5 billion invested in Texas, highlighting the state’s role as a significant player on the global stage. Much of the investment from Taiwan was directed to Sherman, Texas.

South Korea and Japan also continue to invest heavily in Texas, with South Korean companies investing $27.52 billion in early 2024 alone, expected to create over 4,800 new jobs. Japan is the leader for job investments in Texas as of 2024. Such robust international investment underscores the strategic importance of Texas in the global economic landscape, particularly in industries like semiconductors and advanced manufacturing which are integral to data center operations.

Strategic Location and Infrastructure

Texas is a leader in wind and solar power and it is a natural location for sites with data center land for sale with renewable energy potential, critical for sustainable operations. The Texas triangle Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, Houston make it easy to be located near essential urban centers and major transportation hubs, including DFW Airport, enhancing its logistical advantages.

Development Opportunities

Properties for development are chosen because they present multiple development scenarios:

The land is capable of supporting high electrical and data throughput capacities, essential for technologies like AI, which drive the modern demand for data centers. It's a modern-day digital infrastructure boom, reminiscent of historical industrial rushes but focused on digital infrastructure.

Attracting Global Leaders

Texas’ data center real estate has scale and strategic importance to attract major industry players, emphasizing its role as a critical point in global operations strategies for companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft. The landscape of Leaders in Data Center and Industrial Land Development has expanded rapidly proving how large of an capital stack and financial raise is required to build a data center in 2024. The large amount of coordination and billions of dollars recently invested by larger players has encouraged some capital companies and REITs to focus on investing in the land rather than the build out. The sheer number of players in the market and amount of industries involved with data center development internationally can be daunting. The list below is not comprehensive, but it is telling of how large the capital stack required to develop has become:

Energy Solutions and Infrastructure Providers:

Construction and Engineering Firms:

Data Center Operations and Colocation Services:

Global Data Center Providers and Regional Specialists:

Component Manufacturers and System Integrators:

With the shortage of data center land for sale in Dallas, Texas, this land chosen for marketing allows developers to jump in and start with a plot for development that has comprehensive power capacity, strategic location, and readiness for development.

For those looking to capitalize on this opportunity, Roxanne Marquis and 8888CRE provide unmatched expertise and a welcoming invitation to explore how this land can be transformed to meet the dynamic needs of the digital age, aligning with sustainable data center land development guidelines.

Roxanne Marquis is a visionary Texas Broker with extensive experience in commercial real estate and land. She is currently flush with real estate listings of commercial land, mixed-use developments, industrial land, multifamily land, data center land, and ranch/rural land for sale. Private lenders for land and land notes in Texas should contact her directly. Her expertise in strategic acquisitions and development has positioned her as a trusted advisor to developers, investors, and industry leaders. She is committed to the success of everyone she involves herself with.

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